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Home Renovation Drawings and Home Addition Drawings in Ottawa

Initial Meeting

We will arrange a meeting with you to explore your design goals for the project, respecting your design requirements and ideas.
We will review and discuss zoning, budget, timeline and design fees.
We can review and discuss examples of recent projects we have completed.
You will be encouraged to contact our customers for references.
This initial meeting is free and without obligation to proceed any further.

Conceptual or Preliminary Drawings and Design

We will need to measure and inspect the existing building to establish the layout and locate and identify the structural elements. Preliminary designs and drawings will then be prepared based on your requirements and ideas and in conjunction with the existing layout. I will contribute my design experience and building construction knowledge to ensure that the plans are developed in a manner which reflects sound design principles while respecting your budget constraints. On your satisfactory review of the preliminary drawings I will complete the plans to full working drawings.

BCIN Certified Home Addition or Renovation drawings

A building permit is required for an addition of 100 square feet or greater and for any addition or renovation requiring plumbing or having a structural modification. Working drawings may be used for :
Building Permit application
Pricing from Contractors

BCIN Certified Construction drawings typically Consist of the Following:

  • Basement and Foundation Plan – indicating all footings and foundations, structural framing for floors, drainage tiles etc.
  • Main Floor Plan – layouts and dimensions of all rooms, kitchen & bathrooms fixtures, walls, doors, windows and structural framing.
  • Second Floor – all bedrooms, bathrooms etc.
  • Exterior Elevations – views of all exterior building surfaces affected by the addition or renovation, indicating exterior finishes, windows and doors etc.
  • Building Sections –sections through various critical parts of the new structure indicating the various components in the walls, floors and roof of the building.
  • Site Plan – this plan shows the size and location of the lot and how the building addition in located in relation to property lines etc.
  • Please check with the designer about additional site grading and septic details as may be required.
  • Schedules of windows and doors – all doors and windows are scheduled and sized on the plans.
  • All structural framing. – all structural member sizes for floors and walls are shown on the plans.
  • Roof Plan – an exterior roof plan showing the roof slopes.
  • Electrical Plan - if requested by the client showing all electrical outlets and wiring schematic (not a requirement for building permit application). 

Home Renovation or Addition , Architectural Design Fees and Drawing Costs:

The fees for each project is determined by the size and complexity of the project. When we have discussed your project and reviewed your requirements, I will quote you a firm fee to complete the design and drawing work. I will prepare a contract which will outline the exact services provided for the quoted fee. The contract also assures you that the drawings will be provided in compliance with the provisions of the Ontario Building Code.