H O M E        P E R M I T S        N E W H O M E S        R E N O V A T I O N S        A B O U T   U S        C O N T A C T

Why Hire Us on Your New Home Design or Renovation and Addition ?

As OMMAH registered designers in accordance with the Ontario Building Code we qualify as an alternative to engaging an Architect on your residential project. We are BCIN certified.

We are a professional, low overhead service with competitive fees offering excellence in professional design.

If you are looking for the following:

New home drawings and design, Drawings for new additions such as Family Rooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms etc.

We provide CERTIFIED DESIGN DRAWINGS which can be used for BUILDING PERMIT application and CONSTRUCTION.

Our design projects range in size from new openings in load bearing walls, to garage and deck drawings and designs, to full home renovations and home additions up 6,000 square feet.

We can inform you on every aspect of the design and drawing phase of your project with the following services:

• Zoning requirements review
• Preliminary design
• Working drawings for permit application and construction
• Building permit application assistance
• Variance application drawings
• Contract administration

Individuals or firms who provide information and/or design drawings
for building permit application must be registered with
Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing(OMMAH)

See section 15.11(5) of the Ontario Building Code Act,
and section 2.17 of the Building Code
Check the registrar at: www.obc.mah.gov.on.ca